Here you will find information on how to find a COLCRYS Coupon, what is COLCRYS (colchicine), and what is COLCRYS (colchicine) used for.

What is COLCRYS (colchicine) What is COLCRYS (colchicine) used for?

Prescription medication, Colcrys, is most commonly prescribed for the prevention of gout and treatment of gout flare ups in adults. Colcrys can be prescribed for other conditions by a doctor but is not a pain medication and Colcrys shouldn’t be taken for pain related conditions. It has also been prescribed for children ages 4 and up and adults in the treatment of FMF, also known as familial Mediterranean fever.

Is there a generic for COLCRYS (colchicine)?

Colchicine is the generic for Colcrys but is not available in generic form. Due to FDA regulations the generic colchicine was pulled from the pharmacy shelves and is only available under the brand name of COLCRYS.

Where can I get Colcrys Coupon?

There are 2 COLCRYS Coupons available:

Colcrys Coupon offer number 1 is a 7 tablet free trial offer or rather free voucher offer. This COLCRYS coupon is sort of like a free trial offer to see if COLCRYS is going to work for you.

Colcrys Coupon offer number 2 is a monthly savings card for up to $75 off your prescription of COLCRYS. This is a monthly copay assistance card for COLCRYS that can be used once a month for up to 12 uses. That’s up to a $900 savings in one year.

For those who still can’t afford their prescription gout medication, Colcrys, the drug manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. has made available a Patient Assistance Program (PAP) for those who qualify.

COLCRYS Coupon 7 Tablets Free Trial

COLCRYS COUPON Copay Assistance Card

COLCRYS Pharmacy Discount Card

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